To Nakoa Moonhawk


October 5th, 2008 – January 10th, 2012.

We lost Nakoa yesterday. He has moved on to the next great adventure of the cosmos. I am devastated. My heart aches and I beg that you all hold the Breitbachs and Estafens close in your heart as they process this loss. Just as I logged on to notify everyone on Facebook, I found that a dear friend had just given birth to a baby boy on the same day, and I remembered that the circle of life continues, heedless to our human emotions.

I grieve for one life, try to rejoice for another, and realize that life is continually full of bitters and sweets, but tonight I light a candle for the spirit of Nakoa, and hold the family close. May they have the strength to get through this, may they feel the love we send.

I can only be thankful for the summers we spent, the adorable mispronunciations of my name, the laughter, the happiness, the willful sullen faces he’d make at the most curious moments.

The world is darker for this loss, but that which lies beyond is so much brighter for the gain.

Thank you for holding vigil with us, and for what strength and love you spare to heal our hearts and aching souls – I ask it not for myself, but for this family I was so fortunate to spend a year as part of – for Maple & David, for Alam & Judah, for Pearl, Michael, Jakob, River, Jackson, Chiron, Josh & Jessica. Hold them closely in your hearts.

Life is fleeting, don’t forget to say I love yous, don’t forget to make it count.

5 thoughts on “To Nakoa Moonhawk”

  1. My heart is broken for the loss of an innocent child. I have been watching the news and online intently waiting to hear what I had hoped would be good news.

    Nakoa will be missed by so many people. May his spirit always be a constant in the lives of all who knew him.

    Nameste and Love and Light

  2. My deepest sympathies to the parents, siblings and relatives of this beautiful little Indigo/Crystal child. Although we cannot totally understand why a pure and determined spirit like that in Nakoa would come into the earth plane for such a short time, we can learn from the impression he made on those he interacted with and touched. I did not know this little boy but was sent his picture by a friend who asked me what I “saw” and I said,
    “He is a little Indigo/Crystal. Very focused little boy, quite loving but can be very purposeful and stubborn. [He] Will one day be a very good spokesperson for what ever group he becomes associated with.”

    That is the energy pattern or Aura I see in his picture. Again, I send my heart felt sorrow for everyone’s loss, and send loving light of understanding and clarity of mind and heart to little Nakoa’s spirit.
    Rev. Lowell K. Smith

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