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What happened to “Yes, We Can”?

I’ve got to warn my readers (wait, do I have readers?): I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I’ve voted for both parties, as well as Libertarian and Independent candidates in various levels of government and election cycles. I used to study politics, and yes, I do have a number of political ideals I hold dear, but I’m actually far more interested in the play of politics than the idealism. I read speeches and try to figure out how they will be received by various consumers – those who are inclined to agree with the message-bearer, those who are inclined to disagree, and the undecideds. It’s a careful game, you see – an ideal speech energizes your base, appeals to some undecideds, and doesn’t give your opponents any ammo.

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Human Rights Are LGBT Rights

Hillary Rodham Clinton gave an amazing address before the United Nations in Geneva today. This is a beautiful speech, both in content and in form, the likes of which I aspire to some day write myself. As I’ve been lacking in original content lately, I figured I’d post something inspiring, interesting, and relevant.

[brightcove vid=1312977734001&exp3=1857622883&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1705665025&pk=AQ~~,AAAAAGWqYgE~,KxHPzbPALrFGi6o0QhQY9IxyliWBJ3Vq&w=300&h=225]

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