I don’t write as often as I should.

My Facebook is updated constantly, both with commentary about life and links to news and things of interest. I wonder if I should start doing that here.

Here’s a few things I posted on Facebook lately. I’m hoping by doing this I’ll start writing more here.

Remember: You haven’t met everyone you’re going to meet in your life. The world is full of people who might mean something to you someday. Just ’cause you haven’t found them yet doesn’t mean they won’t show up.

Some days I look down at my left wrist or my right forearm and I see these beautiful black letters spelling out these words I love so. I catch a glimpse of my shoulders in the mirror. Lines of ink… permanently etched into my skin. I feel this little explosion of emotion in my heart – I see beauty. Not just in the expression, but the realization that there are some things I have complete faith in – faith that these stories matter enough to me in my past, present and future, matter enough to become part of my body. I am a strange canvas, but I hold such joy that I display such art. That I will display more.

Every morning I take the birds out of their room, set them up in the living room with their travel cage on the floor, feed them what I’m eating and hang out while we watch movies or I play online. Every day Petrie climbs down off the cage and, waddling around on his cute little feet, explores the furthest reaches of my living room. He walks until he can’t see me anymore, then he walks in a different direction. He climbs stuff, he chews on stuff… takes him only about a minute to run across the room if he wants to. Today he took an almond out of the bag next to my futon and carried it to me to eat. I seriously love this bird.

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